Water world – Scottish visitors relishing band contest return

IF the Whit Friday weather takes a turn for the worst then one of this year’s contestants will feel right at home.

After all what’s a drop of rain to the UK’s largest independent water retailer?

Certainly, poor conditions in 2018 didn’t spoil the debut of Castle Water, a national band with its roots in Scotland and unofficial headquarters in the Home Counties.

“It was brilliant fun – it is certainly the greatest free show on earth,” said band member and business development executive Adam Reynolds.

“To get a chance to watch some of the top bands from the UK and also from overseas was fantastic.

“And as a Scottish based company it was great to see so many Scottish bands being represented.”

Castle Water didn’t mark their first Whit Friday appearance with any silverware to go with the brass but the taking part was sufficient reward.

“We were mostly middle of the field wherever we went which for a new band we were quite happy with,” he explained. “Unfortunately, we didn’t get round to enough villages so we are taking extra precautions with our travel plans this time.

“This time we are aiming for the top 40 per cent or maybe even better.

“We’ve done a couple of rehearsals, but this will be our first contest of the year. This is the main one for us

“We definitely want to play in Delph. We enjoyed Delph last year and the reception we got so we hope to finish there.

“We have added new pieces for the march downs and look forward to playing alongside some of the country’s best brass bands.”

Castle Water supplies businesses and public sector bodies throughout England, including public sector bodies in Lancashire and Yorkshire.

Castle Water started life in Blairgowrie, Scotland, in 2014 with the intent of operating in the English business water market.

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