Whit Friday traditions celebrated in Diggle despite lockdown

LOCKDOWN did not stop one Whit Friday-loving village from celebrating the annual Saddleworth tradition.

A poster was circulated online encouraging the Diggle community to decorate their homes with banners, posters or flags and listen to brass band music to mark the occasion.It also listed activities taking place online throughout the day, including play the hymn ‘Hail Smiling Morn’ at 9am, join Churches of Saddleworth for the online Whit Friday service from 11am, and do a community cheer at 11.45am.

Among those determined to take part and carry out as many traditions as possible were residents on Dorset Avenue.

Suzanne and Lawrie Bradshaw explained: “This was our first ever and hopefully last lockdown Whit Friday!

“A virtual poster was promoted throughout our community so we got involved.

“A few of the children from Diggle Community Brass created some lovely Whit Friday pictures.

“At our house and few others on our avenue we put flags and posters up and a ‘Lockdown Choc Cake’ was made.

“We listened to the wonderful virtual Saddleworth Churches service compilation which was very moving with a special mention of the Rev Duncan Rhodes, our guiding light who will always be remembered.

“Brass Band Music was on repeat throughout the day. Fodens Band made a complete virtual Traditional Whit Friday Contest featuring lots of bands – just amazing!”

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  1. Well done, Diggle keeping the tradition going in trying times. Many great memories of Whit Fridays ‘o’er brew’.

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