Would a total parking ban solve problems?

A COUNCILLOR has suggested a Saddleworth village could be used for a revolutionary traffic experiment.

Inconsiderate parking in the centre of Dobcross caused chaos for several hours after two buses were stranded and other vehicles had to divert to avoid the gridlock. BREATHE IN: A bus struggles to get down Wood Lane

Since then new parking restrictions have been introduced near ‘pinch points’ in the village, but as our pictures show, double-decker  buses still struggle with access to narrow lanes.

Now OMBC and Saddleworth Parish Councillor Alan Roughley says: “Dobcross village centre is the ideal place to experiment with banning all parking, slow traffic down to 20mph and which must always give way to pedestrians – just as in Town Square, Oldham.

SQUEEZE: Inconsiderate parking is causing problems for buses
SQUEEZE: Inconsiderate parking is causing problems for buses

“Dobcross was never designed for double deckers and it is only First Bus that seems to insist on them. Neither was it intended that cars should park on both sides of a narrow road.

“Lines only work if people respect them and they are policed to make it expensive for those who do not,” he declared.

However, First Bus reiterated an earlier statement saying while they are working with police and local authorities to rectify the situation, they may have to look at alternative routes in the area to ensure they run a punctual service.

When they were pressed by the Independent about the suggestion of using smaller buses in Saddleworth routes they underlined they had nothing further to add to their original statement.

Parish councillor Royce Franklin, chair of Saddleworth and Lees Traffic sub-committee, stressed the importance of bus routes being maintained in Dobcross.

He said the council are still getting reports about the providers of the majority of bus services in Saddleworth either diverting from the route stipulated or just leaving passengers behind at stops.

Residents are urged to complain to the parish council at enquiries@saddleworthparishcouncil.org.uk or telephone 01457876665. The information is sent to the Traffic Commissioners.

DO YOU think there is merit in Cllr Roughley’s idea? Could it solve parking problems where YOU live? Email: aimee@saddind.co.uk

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