WPBA Fun TREC brings horse competitions to Friezland

ADVENTUROUS HORSE riders can take part in the WPBA Fun TREC on Sunday, October 1.

It has been organised by Friezland User Group and takes place at Friezland Arena, Manchester Road, Greenfield.

TREC is a combined event that aims to reward any horse/rider combination performing well over a range of skills (not all of them equestrian, such as map reading) rather than their success in any one particular discipline.

The three phases are:

1: POR (orienteering) of about 15km (8/9miles) following lanes and bridlepaths.

2: MA (Maitrise des Allures – control of paces over 150m

3: PTV (obstacle course).

PTV is also open to competitors who wish to tackle that phase only.

Enquiries to Liane Robinson: 0161 652 8331 before 9.30pm or email: liane112rob@hotmail.co.uk or text to 0777 9453323. Also find out more on Facebook.


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