Wrigley Claydon: Help with Bereavement

SADLY at this time of year many people find themselves bereaved. This is particularly relevant this year with the pandemic.

Often people can feel overwhelmed and worried about what needs to be done. At Wrigley Claydon, we receive many telephone calls from people recently bereaved worried about what they should be doing to sort out their loved one’s affairs.

Even though there seems to be an awful lot to do, the first and most important thing to do is to look after yourself and those bereaved with you. Most administrative tasks can wait.

On a practical basis the first two things that need to be done are registering the death and arranging the funeral.

At the moment, registering a death is done predominantly over the telephone. Basic information will be required and then a death certificates will be sent out by post to you.

A phone call and a meeting to arrange the funeral is then the next job to attend to.

Many calls to our offices are concerning whether or not bank accounts need to be closed, payments frozen etc and while these are important matters to attend to they do not need to be done immediately. Any payments into and out of a bank account after someone has died can be adjusted at a latter stage if necessary.

A death certificate will in due course need lodging with all the financial authorities where a person had assets or owed money. There is a very useful service called ‘Tell them once’ which can notify many of the statutory authorities such as the DWP, HMRC and the Local Authority’s services of a death.

It is then just left for you to lodge the death certificate with a person’s personal contacts such as their bank and pension company.

At that stage companies may request a copy of the will if there is one and ID for executors or next-of-kin. They may also request a Grant of Probate if there are significant sums in an account.

Here at Wrigley Claydon, we can help with any or all of this. Please email Rachel Damianou on rld@wrigleyclaydon.com or call 0161 624 6811.

Although our Saddleworth clinic remains closed for the time being, our Oldham office is open for clients over the telephone while in lockdown and thereafter by appointment.

We are still offering our free, confidential, initial clinic advice over the telephone on divorce, children matters, accident claims, disputes, property, wills, probate, power of attorney, company and employment issues.

Please call 0161 624 6811 for a confidential appointment with one of our specialists.

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