Brownfield development funding for Bailey Mill?

SINCE burning down in June 2016, Bailey Mill in Delph has become an ‘eyesore’ according to Saddleworth Parish Councillors, Luke Lancaster and Max Woodvine.

They are now calling for the derelict mill site to be redeveloped.

Cllr Lancaster says he has sought updates from Oldham Council for more than a year on the intention to progress a development proposal.

The government have since announced a new £400million brownfield land fund, allocated to authorities, including to Greater Manchester, to build around 24,000 houses and save greenbelt in the process.

Cllr Lancaster said: “The lack of progress to date is immensely frustrating as the site remains an eyesore.

“Sustainable and safe development should of course be pursued. If it is financial viability hindering progress OMBC should apply for funding from the government.”

Cllr Woodvine said: “Rather than building on protected land at Knowls Lane or Stonebreaks brownfield sites (in Springhead) Bailey Mill should be redeveloped.

“It looks like a bomb has been dropped; houses would be an improvement.”

Parish Councillors, Luke Lancaster and Max Woodvine with Cllr Pam Byrne

However Oldham Labour group warns government proposals for a new planning system could mean only the most profitable houses for developers get built in the future.

And it has submitted a motion to be considered at the full council meeting in September, calling on the council’s Chief Executive to reject the proposals in the strongest terms.

Councillor Hannah Roberts, Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “We need more quality, affordable homes in Oldham, but these proposals do nothing to guarantee quality, and remove the best tool we have to make homes affordable.”


3 Replies to “Brownfield development funding for Bailey Mill?”

  1. The fact that the site has not been cleared is utterly deplorable. I have seen other former mill sites where catastrophic fires have occurred in other local authorities (for example Drummond Mill, Bradford), and the detritus has been cleared. The owners of the site have a moral responsibility, one assumes that it had at least minimal insurance, which should cover the removal of the waste, from the sections of the mill which cannot be redeveloped. We do not just need ‘affordable’ housing, but a wide range, if the site is more profitable for the development of other sorts of housing so be it.
    This is not the only eyesore in Delph, the former Delph Independent Chapel at the junction of Delph Lane/Hill End Road is a disgrace, with an absentee owner.
    The council needs to ‘get a grip’, they are failing the community.

    1. Oh dear god, you need to get a grip! This site is not an eyesore and neither is the Delph Independent Chapel! These are sites of local history are brilliant examples of older architecture that we just do not see today. Yes it is a shame that the chapel is now in the state that it is in but surely at least it has not been torn down and hopefully will eventually be developed into something amazing. As for Bailey Mill, to clear the whole site for houses will be a disgrace! Think of the historic value that the current buildings have to offer for future generations. Why not incorporate these into whatever new project is thought up?
      Also, you say the owners have a ‘moral responsibility’? So if someones garden looks an absolute mess then do they have a ‘moral responsibility’ to sort it out just for the likes of people like you? I think not, just because YOU are offended by these sites does not mean that everyone is. I think yes these sites should be developed but by a way that preserves the current history as much as possible but if that does not happen anytime soon then surely it is best that they are left just for now rather than literally being torn down and made into overpriced, undersized housing that prices locals out of the area?
      S Roberts

  2. Bailey mill is in a disgusting condition.It is rat infested and used for drug dealing.There are many young children living adjacent to the site and it an environmental hazard.Many of the buildings are unsalvagable .It has been in this state for too many years and needs pulling down and all debris removing for safety reasons.I trust you don’t live near to it or might take a different view

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