Business advice: staff pulling a sickie

Kieron Hill, from Kieron Hill Employment Services, offers some tips on dealing with staff pulling a sickie.

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Kieron Hill

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IN THE days before stress, back injuries were often cited by the unsympathetic as the malingerer’s disease of choice because they were difficult to diagnose.

Now stress tends to make employers’ eyes roll with disbelief when they see it on a sick note.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I have heard an employer say I don’t want to go through a procedure because he/she will just go off with stress and I’ll be stuck.

Personally I’m not sure people used these as an excuse for days off half as much as some employers would have you believe. 24-hour flu was much more prevalent in my view.

However, I have experienced people going off with stress when threatened with a disciplinary hearing, so it does happen.

The point is if someone has too much time off work, you can dismiss them and there is nothing in law that says you have to keep employing someone who is not at work.

It’s not a matter of whether their illness is genuine or not – and that is often very difficult to prove – it a case of whether the business can support a large amount of sickness absence.

Of course you have to go through some procedures and checks, for example getting a report from their doctor or specialist, and seeing if there are any reasonable adjustments you can make to make sure they can attend work.

But if at the end of the day they cannot work for you in a reliable way then you are perfectly entitled to dismiss them.

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  1. Ridiculous business model… So if someone is genuinely ill, with a sick note, you think its ok to dismiss them which could have disasterous consequences for that individual.

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