Chalk one up to George Youngster does his bit for NHS

LOCKED down youngsters might be driving parents up the wall but one considerate six-year-old used his spare time to colour one in instead.

But creative George Leach did not stop at taking chalk of multiple colours to the brickwork at his home on Haven Lane, Moorside, to recognise the work of NHS staff.Supported by mum Joanna, the St Edward’s RC School, Lees pupil set about fundraising for NHS charities. In two weeks, George amassed more than £1,200.

His efforts were recognised by family, friends and teachers. George also came to the attention of the police, with members of Waterhead & St James Neighbourhood Team visiting to award a certificate of recognition.

Proud Joanna said: “It is a difficult time and there is so much negative stuff going on children don’t really need to know. George worries a little and I knew it was bothering him.

“The wall was his art lesson for the day,” she laughed. “Even after the rain it hasn’t really washed off.

“We had so many good comments I said to him why didn’t we do something to fund raise?“The idea was to give him something positive to remember this period. So, we started making rainbow Hama beads and sold them to people as they went past.

“We set a target of £100 thinking it would probably mainly come from family and friends.

“Within an hour though we had about £140 so we upped it and tried to make as much as possible.”

When the Facebook fundraiser stopped after a fortnight, George was able to donate £1,250.

“George was excited the more money we were raising,” added Joanna.

“To help him understand how it would help, we watched videos about hospitals and the equipment they used so, we were able to tell him how his money would be spent.”

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