‘Cushions’ boost for primary school safety zone

WHEN those pupils eligible to return to school after the half term holiday do so, they will find enhanced traffic calming measures outside Greenfield St Mary’s C of E Primary.

Three speed ‘cushions’ and additional signage have been introduced on Chew Valley Road between Rimmon Close/St Mary’s Drive down to the Clarence roundabout.

This section has previously been resurfaced and the pavement widened on the north side of the road.

In a report Oldham Council said: “St Mary’s Primary School no longer has a School Crossing Patrol and whilst the footway width on the north side has only recently been widened, there is no footway on the south side, west of the Chew Valley Road pedestrian entrance into the school grounds.


“Recent Government advice has promoted more heathier forms of exercise and encouraged more walking and cycling; the proposed traffic calming measures will moderate traffic speeds making it a safer environment for vulnerable road users.”

The move is separate to the impending introduction of 20 miles per hour speed restrictions on other village roads.

This is a safety measure to aid social distancing where footways are narrow or non-existent, forcing pedestrians to walk on the carriageway.


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