Demand and supply! Business booms despite virus crisis

WHEN Britain went into lockdown pushing numerous businesses to the brink one Oldham company met the unprecedented challenge represented by the coronavirus crisis head on.

With a mixture of determination, hard work and enterprise The Business Supply Company is emerging from the pandemic with new clients and the gratitude of many customers.

Steve Bradley

Saddleworth based managing director Steve Bradley has traded in the town for more than 30 years firstly with his Kwikprint business and latterly with the Business Supply Company (BSC) and IN4 Marketing based at the Acorn Centre, Derker.

Prior to Covid-19, the BSC was a one-stop, business to business company looking after companies throughout Greater Manchester.

Whether it was pens, desks or filing cabinets Steve and his team sourced the products to ensure the workplace ran as smoothly as possible.

His company also supplied a substantial range of cleaning and hygiene products.

“When lockdown started, I saw all this stock in the warehouse and wondered where it was all going to go,” he explained.

“I needed to do something about it; I was not about to sit there and mope. But I needed to be creative and quickly.

“That’s why we moved into supplying PPE products expanding our range from basic hand sanitisers and gloves to a full range of medical supplies.

“We targeted a lot of care homes and in a short space of time generated around 30 new accounts.

“In July, we were 50 percent better than last July and bucking the virus business trends.

“However, we are in the process of longevity. We want customers buying off us now and carry on buying for the next few years.

“Some of our customers have been with us for 30 years going back to the previous business we had.

“If they can’t find something specific they want, they can ring us up and we will do the donkeywork for them.

“We are a one-stop shop for business and consumer. We have responded to the crisis and have branched out into PPE from general office supplies and printing.

“This virus is not about to disappear overnight so we will continue to concentrate on the PPE.

“But as and when businesses return we are trying to help them get back to work safely whether that is with desk mounted screens or sani stations.

“Also, lots of people will be still working from home. So, we are looking at developing the business consumer side to supply people in a home office with printer cartridges, packets of pens or files.”

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