General election billed as a chance to shape Saddleworth’s future

THE FORTHCOMING general election is a chance to go back to the future for Oldham East and Saddleworth, its now former MP believes.

Debbie Abrahams is now no longer the area’s parliamentary representative after it was dissolved ahead of the poll on Thursday, July 4.

But after being selected as the Labour Party candidate for the seat she has held for 13 years, which also takes in Shaw and Crompton, she is tagging her campaign with the line, ‘Let’s get Oldham and Saddleworth’s future back.’

In a statement, Mrs Abrahams said: “Finally, we have the general election this country so desperately needs.

“Now is the time for change. Change to build a better Britain, change to build a better Oldham East and Saddleworth.

“You’ve known me as your Member of Parliament for the last 13 years or so but now I’m the Labour Party candidate for Oldham East and Saddleworth.

“If I’m lucky enough to be reselected, I will continue to do the work for you that I’ve done over the last 13 years, helping tens of thousands of constituents.

“I’ll make sure there’s investment in Oldham. I’ll ensure that we grow our economy, including our local economy, for opportunities for everybody.”

Mrs Abrahams will be up against a familiar face after Saddleworth West and Lees councillor Sam Al-Hamdani was selected as the Liberal Democrats’ candidate.

He said: “This year, in the local elections across the Oldham East and Saddleworth constituency, the Liberal Democrats were only 200 votes behind the Labour party.

“Meanwhile the Conservatives trailed down in fifth place behind the Oldham Group and other independents.

“The Conservative Party nationally are in freefall. We can provide a real alternative – it is clear that with them having failed to even choose a candidate, they are not taking this election seriously.

“I’ve knocked on more than 4,000 people’s doors in the last year, because I believe in listening to people, and fighting for what they need.

“We are looking forward to doing that on a wider stage.”

Fesl Reza-Khan, who stood in the Saddleworth South ward at the recent local elections, will stand for the Green Party in Oldham East and Saddleworth.

And Greater Manchester Mayoral candidate Nick Buckley will be an independent while Shanaz Saddique will represent the Workers Party of Britain.

Tom Fish has been declared as the Conservative Party’s representative for the constituency.

Deadline for candidates to come forward is Friday, June 7.


7 Replies to “General election billed as a chance to shape Saddleworth’s future”

  1. Suddenly she now remembers that she’s also the MP for East Oldham.

    I think there’s every likelyhood that she’ll be elected again at the next general election.

    This is will be because of the current complete failure of the Conservative party, (Post Johnson who now stands exposed and completely discredited as charlatan,) and because of Sunak, (backstabbing, disliked, clueless and unelected,) and not of any virtue or merit on her part.

    Our own experience of her as our MP, (my wife is disabled,) has always been that as our constituency MP she’s been an almost complete waste of time and oxygen; particularly when there isn’t going to be any cheap publicity in it for her.

    Not a fan.

  2. Agree that Debbie is a career politician and opportunist who couldn’t care less for her constituents. Demonstrated by her recent no vote on the issue of a Israel ceasefire despite turning out for local Palestine support groups for years. She has no history in Oldham or Saddlewortg, often doesn’t reply to constituent queries and is rarely present at her local office. I believe she spends most of the year living down South.

  3. I’m an undecided at present but when I’ve contacted
    Debbie with issues I’ve always been given help or
    advice by her.
    My only issue of concern is when I’ve asked who and
    why is Baroness Alderley Edge is a life peerage ive drawn a no reply.
    The people of this country gave a right to know

  4. On the two occasions that I’ve contacted Debbie Abrahams she has been very helpful.

    I’ve read that she lives – or lived – in Newhey, which used to be in this constituency (until boundary changes) and is only a stones throw from Shaw (another part of the constituency.)

    As for spending ‘most of the year living down south’, that could apply to the majority of MPs as Westminster is their primary place of work!

    1. If that reflects your own experience of dealing with her then fair enough ?

      Our own experiences have been far less positive and especially if contrasted with the real help and support that we used to get from our old MP the late and much missed Micheal Meacher.

      He was literally almost a life saver for us at one point, I sincerely doubt that anyone that I know would ever Say that about Debbie Abrahams MP.

  5. Where did Mr Tom Fish come from?

    Is he a local person or has he lived here only a matter of weeks after being dropped into the mix by London?

    What does he do ?

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