Greenfield’s Frank Rothwell sets one-word target for Oldham Athletic

OLDHAM Athletic are working to a one-word target for the coming football season – promotion.

And there are more reasons why getting back into the Football League is key, to stop Boundary Park’s best talent being taken.

The Latics finished in 10th position in their first campaign in the National League, eight points outside the play-offs.

Now Greenfield-based Frank Rothwell has told manager Micky Mellon the aim for 2024/25 is simple – get up.

He also hopes a three up, three down system between League Two and the National League is brought in.

Frank said: “The first thing we need is promotion.

“Academy funding and also the rules regarding it change after two years out of the Football League.

“What happens is if we sign an academy player and train him up, other clubs can just come and poach him without paying compensation to the club.

“So, for that to not happen, we need to get up this year.

“The supporters would’ve been happy if we were in the play-offs last season – we just missed out on them but I’m sure will be in there, or above, this coming season.

“And if we get the three up, three down, that would be brilliant.”

So far, Oldham have brought in defender Reagan Ogle while the likes of Mike Fondop and Dan Gardner agreed new terms.

Whoever else comes through the entrance door at Boundary Park will be just as much of a surprise to Frank as anyone as he added: “We’ve decided I’ll have nothing to do with team selection or transfers, names don’t even come past me.

“My son and daughter handle that side of things. They don’t want to be having me, who knows very little, putting his oar in.”

While on field progress is wanted, off-field developments cannot be denied, notably the relationship between the town’s major sporting clubs after Oldham RLFC moved in.

And Frank teased there is more to come.

He continued: “There’s crossover. I’m sure there are supporters who go to the football who now go to the rugby league too because everything’s easier to do here.

“Having both teams here is fantastic. To use the same facilities for more than one sport is brilliant.

“People are definitely coming together now when the see the genuineness of the Rothwell family in what they’re doing – and there’s more to come.”


2 Replies to “Greenfield’s Frank Rothwell sets one-word target for Oldham Athletic”

  1. Beware Mr Rothwell. Although ruby league play mostly in the summer months, the pitch will deteriorate and fans of football will start venting their anger towards the rugby team for ruining the pitch and the football team’s chances of automatic promotion.
    It has been a long term concern just down the A627(M) and unless you are prepared to spend a fortune on the pitch and all the staff that comes with it, you might find yourself in the firing line.
    Good luck to OAFC 2024/25
    NB. Except when playing your noisy neighbours.

  2. Hi John.
    The club spent alot of money last year on laying a new grass/3G mixed pitch , which meant by the end of the season the only pitch damage was a flare scortch mark. The pitch was laid in preparation for Rugby.

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