Saddleworth Shows its best in huge success

SUNDAY, June 30 was the day Saddleworth got to display its finest at the area’s annual Show.

As ever, it gave a real glimpse of what it has to offer people of all ages – Saddleworth Independent soaked up the event.

GIVEN the way the great British weather has acted this year, it was perhaps understandable pretty much everyone was casting their gaze upwards.

With one question on the tip of tongues – is it going to rain?

Despite those concerns, Saddleworth got on with the job of showing its very best, be it products, talent or even its dogs!

And the results were there for all to see as Greenfield’s Well-I-Hole Farm saw hundreds of people attend.

Rotary Clubs of Saddleworth and Oldham Metro combined, with volunteers belonging to other branches helping out, to put on the free event that has become a staple if the calendar.

There were no prizes for guessing one of the activities on offer as the beat of samba drums echoed around the site.

But pretty much everything was available, be it circus skills, raku pottery firing, martial arts, a dinosaur experience or a fairground, which proved very popular.

As ever, the Punch and Judy show was a highlight – young children were glued to the small stage and laughed their heads off at the right times, as did the adults looking on.

Saddleworth-based groups, including Oldham Mountain Rescue Team and Dovestone WI, were also on hand to show off what they do, as were many of the young acts, be they bands, singers or dancing groups, taking to the stage to display their talents.

The RAF cadets were also there, with many of their youngsters showing they are just as adept at producing a samba beat.

Competitive edges could come out as the dog arena – ran by Simply Animals Dog Training and Sports Club and close to the front of the site – proved a centre of activity.

Animals could do a steeplechase, take part in party games like a ball and spoon race – although sometimes that became more like ball and dog as some competitors could not resist sinking their teeth into what their owners were meant to be carrying – and apple bobbing before the main event, the fun dog show.

Prizes were awarded in the waggiest tail, best condition, best lead walking, best treat catcher, best trick and golden oldies categories.

And no event could not go by without visiting dignitaries showing off all their finery.

Mayor of Oldham, Cllr Zahid Chauhan – who took a great interest in the stalls, notably one offering Saddleworth signs based around the Manchester worker bee logo, it is regarded as being in the city-region – provided some.

But did the Dame from the forthcoming Mother Goose panto at Delph’s Millgate Arts Centre, complete with golden egg, bring more glitz and glamour?

Whoever won that particular competition would have only added to the smiles that were on show as much as everything Saddleworth has to offer, especially those among organisers.


2 Replies to “Saddleworth Shows its best in huge success”

  1. We ducked out of going this year, (it seemed to be running out of steam a bit last year and year previous to that was much better and far more fun,) and I went for my regular hike round Saddleworth, up to the reservoirs at Greenfield instead.

    Considering how dull and dispiriting the weather was I’m inclined to regard that as have been a good call.

    1. Nice to see Cllr Chauhan getting out again after the death of his wife.

      Well done that man and it made me smile.

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