Help catch flytippers #ourbit

COUNCIL bosses want to get tough on Oldham’s fly tippers and have launched a new initiative as part of the crackdown on litter louts.

Fly tipping hot spot- Ripponden Road

In 2017, OMBC picked up more than 1,500 tonnes of fly-tipped rubbish at a daily cost of £2,500.
Annually, they say, this money could be used to fill 40,000 potholes or support 2,500 elderly people to live independently at home.
Saddleworth is no different to the rest of the borough, with an increasing number of fly tipping hot spots.
To stem the flood of rubbish OMBC are doing #ourbit by focusing on more investigations and fines and engaging communities to take ownership.
A spokesperson said: “We now need you to do #yourbit by reporting fly-tipping in your area, challenging bad behaviour where appropriate and getting involved.
“The #result will be cleaner areas to live in and a place people want to be part of.”

Oldham Council are clamping down on fly-tippers

Councillor Barbara Brownridge, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Co-operatives, added: “We are not a service which can drive around our borough just picking up waste that people have dumped.
“With the council’s budget decreasing every year this is not a good way for money to be spent and is not sustainable.
“Everyone needs to do their bit. Thankfully, the vast majority do not fly-tip but for this problem to go away we need the selfish few to stop.”
To give you a better idea of what Oldham Council does every day watch this video:

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