‘Hooligan’ in sheep’s clothing! George set for animal reality show appearance?

GEORGE the sheep is feeling a bit crook but hopes some animal magic from a TV vet will soon have him ram-bling again.

George lives in Diggle with his mates Dandelion, Burdock and Rambo but is inclined to find himself in mischief.

Had he been a cat this little Hebridean bundle of wool would already have lost one of his nine lives.

Now he’s in the wars again, prompting owner Kath Pearson to summon medical assistance.

George the Sheep

But Kath got more than she baa-rgained for when placing a call with her normal independent veterinary practice, Donaldson’s at Thongsbridge.

So when George was attended to at his Huddersfield Road pasture by David Melleney, a camera crew and presenter from popular Channel 5 reality show The Yorkshire Vet were also present.

David is one of five vets from the practice who have become regulars of a show first aired in 2015 and making household names of Peter Wright and Julian Norton.

He was filmed tending to little George and administering strong antibiotics and pain killer for a bad case of foot rot.

“George is a lovely little chap,” said Kath, who is also chairwoman of the Digglers
Charitable Trust.

“But he is accident prone and a little hooligan at times!

“He’s definitely the ringleader and not for nothing is he known as Shaun the Sheep.

“A few weeks ago, he and the others accidently poisoned themselves after eating evergreen plants that has since been taken out.“In their native Hebrides, they eat seaweed. But there is no way I am taking them to Blackpool for a day out,” laughed Kath.

“They are supposed to be a hardy breed but someone forgot to tell George!”

Matt Smith, another of Donaldson’s animal medics on Yorkshire Vets, came to George’s rescue on that occasion. Now Kath hopes David’s expertise can help her poorly lamb recover once more.

“David will come back to assess the situation,” explained Kath. “If and when George goes back to join the flock, the TV crew will return to film George going back out.”

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