Legal matters: Wills, probate and contentious issues

RAY WITHNALL, owner of Diggle-based company Hay Tarn Wills, looks at wills, probate and contentious issues.

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THERE WAS a startling 700 per cent increase in disputes concerning the distribution of estates between 2007 and 2012 – and it does not look like ending there.

Two key factors contributed to this: the rise in the value of houses and the increase in second marriages and relationships.

Property values are not the real problem; it is the distribution of their value in line with the Will that causes the issues.  Some people feel they are entitled to more and this is when a neutral probate manager can help.

Anyone who can prove they are a dependent is entitled to make a claim on an estate but they are advised to contact a contentious Wills expert to establish their case.

A second marriage often means special care is required to protect potential inheritances due to the children of the first marriage. Even if a Will was made during the first marriage, it is cancelled when marrying for a second time.

Without a Will the estate passes through intestacy to the surviving spouse and this is where the protracted contentious issues for the children of the deceased begin.

A professionally qualified Willwriter ensures your Will is prepared according to your wishes and your beneficiaries, potentially, are able to enjoy their inheritance without any obstructions.

Even though probate may look straightforward, issues often arise, for example if trusts for children are not correctly set up or a ‘right to occupy’ property is not transparent.  In the long run a probate expert can save you money.

Hay Tarn is a Silver Partner with Kings Court Trust dealing in all probate matters at a fixed cost.  In addition, Hay Tarn partners with Wilkes & Co who are leading specialists in contentious probate and disputes.

If you think your Will needs an update, or you need help with probate, please contact Hay Tarn for a free consultation.

Hay Tarn Willwriting Services complies with the Institute of Professional Willwriters code of practice, which is monitored by the Charted Trading Standards Institute.  Hay Tarn is registered as a Tier 2 member on the Professional Paralegal Register.


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