‘Less is more’ – disappearing litter bins part of plan for cleaner streets

LITTER bins across Saddleworth are being removed as part of Oldham Council’s new borough wide approach to rubbish collection!

Residents have already noticed the disappearance of a number of small bins while other receptacles are often overflowing with rubbish and bags of dog excrement, especially at weekends.

However, to combat the amount of littering and reduce the number of times bins need to be emptied, the local authority is gearing up to introduce a new initiative to tackle rubbish removal.

Instead of smaller capacity receptacles, often mounted on posts, new super-sized bins are on their way. Several have already been introduced at Dovestone Reservoir.

These giant replacements will hold 240 litres of waste compared to the smaller units, many of which are coming to the end of their service life and only have capacity for up to 90 litres. Bagged dog waste can also be put in the bins.

The council say it is not practical to provide replacement old style bins as this adds to the cost and does not bring with it any long-term solution to the problems currently being experienced.

A consultation process with ward councillors is already underway to decide the best places to locate these new bins.

Further details on delivery of the scheme have yet to be announced as the contract for the bins has yet to go out to tender.

Additionally, the council will also look to replace two 3.5-ton vehicles with two 7.5-ton capacity compactor trucks.

This will reduce the number of visits to Oldham’s waste disposal site, saving fuel and allowing staff more time to spend emptying bins and cleaning our streets.

These will be used across Oldham and will also collect rubbish picked up by the 19 staff who use carts to clean waste from the districts.

Councillor Barbara Brownridge, Oldham’s Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Culture, said: “Over the last three years demand on the team has increased massively.

“In 2015/16 they collected 685 tons of waste, by 2019/20 this had shot up to 1,385 tons.

“We are now seeing people putting large carrier bags of excess household waste into the street bins rather than putting it in their general waste bins or taking it to a waste and recycling centre.

“Things have to change. There will be a reduction in the number of bins on the streets.

“But the new ones will be much bigger, helping to cut the amount of rubbish that can blight our streets and beauty spots. Less really is more.”

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  1. Is it a rubbish idea or not. I don’t know, but the two key points are where the new bins are placed and if they’ll get emptied before they’re overflowing. I have doubts on both counts. Hopefully, I’m wrong.

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