Local praise for Tom after brave sea rescue

A SADDLEWORTH man has been hailed a hero for an ocean rescue in West Africa which cost the life of at least one person.

Tom Moss, whose family live in Uppermill and Greenfield, is currently working in Pointe-Noire, the second largest city in the Republic of Congo.

Cheers-Tom receives well done drink

Out dining with friends at a beach restaurant, the group’s attention was drawn to locals frantically waving at the seashore.

Grandparents Barry and Jeannie Hilton said: “At first it was thought they were shouting because whales were swimming by, which isn’t unusual in the area.

Grandparents Jeannie and Barry Hilton

“They then realised three males were in trouble some distance offshore. Out of everyone there Tom was the only one who could swim,” explained Greenfield resident Barry.

“He promptly jumped into the sea and managed to rescue one person. Sadly, one of the others drowned and Tom is unsure what happened to the third.

“Tom’s friends, where they were eating, hailed him a hero and insisted he did not pay for his food or drink. They couldn’t thank him enough and treated him to champagne.

Tom and friend

“Needless to say we are very proud of him, as are his dad Simon, who lives in Uppermill, and his mum Debbie.”

Tom, who started school at Scouthead nursery, moved to Pointe-Noire for the first time with his partner in September 2020.

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