Maundy Thursday tradition upheld again in Greenfield

A COMMUNITY ‘fair’ has been held once more maintaining a centuries old tradition in a Saddleworth village.

Every year stallholders gather at Road End crossroads in Greenfield for an annual market.

Legend has it the Magna Carta of 1215 decrees at least one stall must open on Maundy Thursday.

If not, the privilege provided by the ancient document would cease and an Act of Parliament would be required to re-start what was originally known as a ‘chartered pot fair’.

This year’s event saw a number of socially distanced stalls sited at the corner of Kinders Lane and Chew Valley Road.

They included Joyce Quinn and Janice Jeeves raising funds for the NHS with the raffle of a crocheted nurse and sale of home-made cake.

Artist Rachel Fish, whose colourful collection of themed stones have brightened up the village in the past six months, also held a sale.

After missing 12 months ago due to the national lockdown another stall was raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support and Betty Tomlinson told the Independent she has been ‘overwhelmed’ with the donations made during the course of the morning.

One Maundy Thursday custom again missing was the absence of Saddleworth Morris Men.

The date had become a traditional seasonal opener to group’s dancing season but currently curtailed due to the pandemic.

  • A knitted Easter surprise has appeared in Greenfield thanks to the Saddleworth Yarn Bombers. The traditional red post box located outside the King Bill pub has a spring themed, eye-catching topper.

3 Replies to “Maundy Thursday tradition upheld again in Greenfield”

  1. Fabulous …. once again tradition will carry on. I have over the past years put my Children out there in all weathers 😂 well done to my Mum in law Joyce Quinn & everyone else x

  2. well done for keeping the tradition alive, i have happy memories of Road End Fair when I was a child.

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