VE Day: Memories of great grandfather Alfred shared by Saddleworth Parish Councillor Max Woodvine

MANY war heroes were remembered locally and nationally during the VE Day celebrations.

Among them was Quartermaster Sergeant Alfred Woodvine, who was the great-grandfather of Saddleworth Parish Councillor Max Woodvine.Max shared the wedding photograph of Alfred and his bride Clara on Facebook with his reflections.

He explained: “Alfred was originally from Dudley in the West Midlands. He lost an eye as a child and so served in the Royal Pioneer Corps in Egypt and other regions of Northern Africa.

“Later he was stationed in Lees as a guard at the Prisoner of War camp in Glen Mill. He met Clara and stayed in Saddleworth until he died in 2011. He would have been 105 this year.

“At one point they lived on Mellor Street and were neighbours of the Sedgwick family. Val became the Mayor of Oldham in 2003-04.”

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