Millie makes her mark

MOST 18-year-olds would dream of having their own range of products – and for Millie Luke it is a reality.

The teenager, from Springhead, has been working at Saddleworth Outdoor since September and is now selling her own bags and dog coats alongside the other products.

With the help of shop owner Steven Lees, she has worked with Mallalieus in Delph to develop designs for the items and choose the fabrics.

They were handmade in Springhead, resulting in a product that is eye-catching as well as locally produced, sustainable and carbon free.

Millie even created her own brand – Milibou – with a fox logo which takes pride of place in the store.

Millie, who is taking a gap year but hopes to go onto university to study design, said: “I have always been creative but Steven has helped push me to do something.

“People have seen the items online and come in asking for the Vivienne Westwood bags, but they are mine!”

Steven added: “Millie is a very talented young person.

“A lot of young people just to be given need an opportunity to show what they can do so I was happy to give Millie this chance and she has done so well.”

Millie already has plans in the pipeline for more items, including candles made from 100 per cent sunflower wax so they are sustainable and vegan friendly.

• Found out more on Facebook: Milibou

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