New business champions animal welfare on set

A SADDLEWORTH veterinary nurse has teamed up with vets around the country to launch an important new business for the film and TV industry.

Grotton-based Rachel Bean RVN, who is a practicing qualified veterinary nurse and canine behaviour advisor, has co-founded ‘Vet On Set’ with Animal Direction founder Davinia Hamilton-Maddox.

The business offers a service for TV and filmmakers which monitors the welfare of animals before, during and after shoots.

Working from an office in Manchester’s MediaCityUK, Vet On Set goes behind the scenes of popular TV shows, Films and TV commercials, ensuring Clearcast guidance on animal welfare is maintained and all performing animals are looked after.

Rachel Bean (right) and Davinia Hamilton-Maddox (left) on the set of Pooch Perfect

Rachel, who has overseen a string of adverts and worked on TV shows including Pooch Perfect and Judge Rinder, said: “Vet on Set is a new premise which is a one-stop shop for all productions which need an animal to be on screen.

“Vet on Set works with a nationwide network of practising and retired veterinarians, RVNs and animal trainers and behaviourists, which means we have access to a broad range of skills to ensure the right professional attends and monitors each production.”

Clearcast, the body responsible for clearing ads for broadcast in the UK, states it is a strongly advised requirement to have a qualified veterinarian or veterinary nurse present during the filming of animals for a commercial production.

Vet on Set

“Our mission is to encourage this to become compulsory across all media productions, including photography and online videos,” continued Rachel.

Rachel has more than 25 years’ experience as a qualified veterinary nurse and is a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and the British Veterinary Nurse Association.

As well as Vet on Set, Rachel provides iPET Network Dog First Aid courses and is currently working on a special online course aimed at hospitality industry workers.

She added: “Animal welfare is my life, and it is the same for all of the Vet On Set affiliates.

“It is amazing to be able to go to these productions and share our skills and knowledge in a way which we know benefits the animals involved.

“Many animals love to perform and we are there to ensure that being the star of the show is an enriching experience for them.”

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• Rachel recently appeared on BBC One’s Dragon’s Den, hoping to help land an investment for
UK Sniffer Dogs.

Appearing on the show with dog Chilli and founders Jamie and Gemma Pound, making a pitch of £70,000 in exchange for 15 per cent of the business.

UK Sniffer Dogs are experts in scent detection training for pet dogs and trainers and have developed a programme to enable owners to improve their furry friends’ lives through nose work.

Unfortunately, they were unable to tempt the dragons into making an investment, but they still left the den with their tails held high and proud and feeling confident about the future.

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