O’Donnell’s: What the Job Support Scheme means for employers and employees

ON September 24, 2020, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced new plans that the Government would top up the wages of workers who have been forced to cut their hours due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Many people are now well acquainted with the furlough scheme, with thousands of businesses and employees benefiting from this over the last few months.

Suzzanne Gardener

The Job Support Scheme will provide assistance to employers and employees over the coming months instead of the furlough scheme.

The Job Support Scheme is set to run for six months during which time the Government will top up the wages of workers who are working reduced hours due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Employers will be required to pay a third of the unworked hours and the Government will contribute a further third (subject to a cap). This means employees will receive pay for the hours they have worked and between the employer and the Government the final two thirds of their pay will be topped up.

For example, where an employee would ordinarily work eight hours a day and earn £120, if they are only working for four hours a day, they would receive £60 for the working time.

Their usual pay for the hours not worked would be £60. One third of this – £20 – would be paid by the employer and a further third – £20 – would be paid by the Government. Therefore, for an employee earning £120 per day they would receive £100 on this example.

The Job Support Scheme is open to businesses across the UK whether or not they have previously taken advantage of the furlough scheme. However, the Scheme will not be available to employees who have already been given notice for redundancy.

Businesses which are eligible are those who are small and medium sized (ie fewer than 250 employees). Large businesses may be able to benefit where their turnover has seen a fall during the pandemic.

Businesses will be able to take advantage of the Job Support Scheme from November 1 as the furlough scheme comes to an end on October 31. The Government has announced that employers will be reimbursed in arrears for the Government’s contribution.

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