“Proactive” speed camera request for Uppermill rejected

CALLS for the introduction of a speed camera to supplement Uppermill’s new 20 miles per hour limit have been rejected by Oldham’s highways bosses.

Councillors’ pleas for the restrictions to also include a narrow village side road for fear it will become a ‘cut through’ have also been refused.

Motorists are now coming to terms with the new limits as revealed in last month’s Saddleworth Independent.

20 mph signs Uppermill High Street

Nine set terminal speed limit signs and seven sets of back-to-back repeater signs will be erected.

They will be in force for a maximum of 18 months under a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order.

The temporary speed limit has been implemented on road safety grounds during the current pandemic.

The Council believe the High Street’s narrow pavement, combined with the relatively high level of pedestrian movements, could lead to pedestrians stepping into the carriageway to try and socially distance.

The 20mph limit covers High Street. However, it has been extended further into some side roads but not on Moorgate and Den Lane to the concern of some residents and councillors.

Councillor Graham Sheldon has raised concerns and also requested at full (Oldham) Council a speed camera to enforce the new limits.

30mph signs on Moorgate in Uppermill

“I fear some will as they always do, ignore them,” he said of the new signs.

“The fact that we have not had any serious injuries is no argument. I believe we should be pro-active in our role.”

On Den Lane he added: “I have been informed the 30mph is still in use on this lane.

“Of all the lanes, this is the one that needs to be 20mph in view that there are a lot of children.

“I reiterate, the lane is narrow and often heavily parked up. There are numerous families with children living on Den Lane.

“This lane is a popular route for walking groups and horse riders.”

An Oldham Council spokesperson said: “In relation to the question about whether or not a speed camera will be used, initially, the lower speed limit will be supported by traffic signs and road markings.

“Traffic Officers will monitor the effects of the new limit and this will influence the consideration of any future physical traffic calming measures.”

Officers also rejected claims the new temporary High Street limit will lead to an increase in vehicles using Den Lane as a cut through to Dobcross citing the lack of “physical measures (traffic calming)”.

Dobcross Road Safety Group have now stepped up their bid for a 20mph zone in the village and to make the narrow footpath on the bridge on Delph New Road, in between Ladcastle Road and Walk Mill, safer for pedestrians.

Writing in community newsletter, the Dobcross Diary, Jayne Gibson said: “The Council has recently introduced a 20mph speed limit along Uppermill High Street, which is great news for Uppermill residents and businesses, based on concerns matching ours such as narrow or non-existent paths and speeding traffic. Watch this space.”

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