Pets Corner – meet McTavish

THIS handsome chappie might be a golden oldie, but he’s never lost the young pup in him… meet MacTavish!

An 11-year-old West Highland Terrier, McTavish is a sweet lad who lives with dad Max Woodvine – a Saddleworth Parish Councullor – in Springhead.

He’s a wonderful, mischievous bundle of fluff whose canine years have treated him exceptionally well; just look at that cutelittle face.

Like every dog, he loves his walkies and gets to enjoy all of the beautiful views Saddleworth has to offer on his daily walks with grandma and granddad.

The hills do take their toll after a while though, and there’s nothing he likes better than to curl up and have a good snooze by the time he gets home.

Sleeping is a favourite hobby of his but at the same time he still has the energy of a puppy and would never say no to playtime with dad.

And his sweet temperament makes him a family favourite! MacTavish is living his best life and he knows it!

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