Photographer Michael shines light on Saddleworth’s stunning landscape

WHILE regular exercise is encouraged during lockdown accessing Saddleworth’s stunning scenery may not be as straightforward as usual.

So, a new book could be just the tonic for anyone longing for more outdoor freedom.

Light on the Hills – photographing the Saddleworth Landscape – has been compiled by local historian, author and photographer Michael Fox.

Author Michael Fox

It follows on from last year’s successful joint collaboration with brother Peter, Saddleworth in Camera – a collection of pictures taken by their father Colin.

This 128-page coffee table edition contains more than 200 colour images taken over a 10-year period. It is priced at £15.95 and published by Amadeus Press.

Michael’s final selections are chosen from 5,000 photographs. They show Saddleworth in all its majestic beauty; from familiar locations like Dovestone Reservoir and Pots and Pans to lesser known locations at Marled Earth and Lockwood Hey.

“Light on the Hills (‘light’ as in the raw material of photos and in the sense of shedding light / giving a new perspective on the local landscape) is much more a book of photographs than a book about photography,” says Michael.

“My main object in producing it has been to share my deep enjoyment of the Saddleworth landscape and to open people’s eyes to the many opportunities it offers for photography.

“I made my first attempts at taking landscape photographs in Saddleworth in 1971 when aged 14.

“I have continued to take them ever since and have spent thousands of hours and covered many hundreds of miles walking in the local hills and valleys with a camera over my shoulder.

“My chief guiding principles have been to cover as many different parts of Saddleworth as I could and to include images taken in a broad a range of weather conditions as possible.

“The way I have written the captions reflects this – impressions, memories and anecdotes as opposed to details of camera settings and exposures.

“It is the hope of the author that as you turn the pages you will share his conviction that, whatever the pressures upon it, the Saddleworth landscape continues to offer what it has always done: enjoyment, inspiration and healing.”

You can buy a copy of Light on the Hills through the Saddleworth Museum website:

Michael intends donating some of the sale proceeds to the Museum.

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