Police reassure business owners after commercial crime spike in Saddleworth

POLICE have reassured Saddleworth business owners that they are addressing a recent spike in crime in the area “head on”.

There has been a spate of burglaries at various businesses over the last fortnight, with Uppermill one of the main areas targeted with BED, Age Concern and Scona among those affected.

In an update on their Facebook page, the Saddleworth Policing Team said they will be active to tackle the problem, which occurred around a similar time last year.

They wrote: “You may have seen on social media that we are yet again suffering a spike in commercial burglary incidents.

“There have been a number of break-ins and attempts to gain entry recently over the last few days at Uppermill and at Springhead and Lees.

“Offenders have entered shop premises by forcing doors often from the rear and out of view and then conducting untidy searches taking items that often cause the retailer no end of issues in attempting to open and trade the following day.

“We are working closely with local retailers and have an encrypted contact network with over 75 local businesses and shops taking part in a forum where information is passed quickly and effectively.

As your local Policing team we are absolutely determined to support our businesses and retail partners.

“As such we have uniform teams in marked vehicles out across the Saddleworth area through the night and into the early hours looking for stop opportunities.

“We will not be phased by this upturn in activity and fully intend to meet it head on.”


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