Police warning to objectors as tree cutting starts in Diggle

WORK has started felling around mature trees in Diggle as further preparation for the new Saddleworth School.

But the job-approved by Oldham Council planners last week and which is expected to last several more days- hasn’t been without upset and incident.

A group of objectors and onlookers were warned by police this morning they could be fined for an illegal gathering at the site located between Huddersfield Road and Standedge Road.

When the trees are finally removed a multiple-part retaining wall and pedestrian ramp structure will be erected to enable the widening of Huddersfield Road in readiness for the eventual opening of the new school scheduled for February 2022.

An Oldham Council Spokesperson said: “These works are necessary to enable the safe construction of the retaining walls involving significant piling.

Diggle/Standedge Road sign“When complete this will create a safe pedestrian route between Standedge Road and Huddersfield Road. Residents in the immediate vicinity were notified of the works prior to them beginning.

“The works form part of the planning application (FUL/345523/20) and all due diligence was carried out prior to works starting. The trees form part of an area TPO.

“Around 40 trees will be removed. They will be replaced on a ratio of 3 to 1 with semi-mature trees planted as part of a new landscape scheme during the next available planting season.”

Read the full story in the March edition of the Saddleworth Independent available from Thursday, March 11.

Photos by Gemma Carter

21 Replies to “Police warning to objectors as tree cutting starts in Diggle”

  1. The police should have arrested the NIMBY protestors. They moan that the road is too narrow for the school, then the moan when they widen the road. Nothing will ever make them happy, these backward looking people just want everyone to walk around in clogs. What ever happened to progress? Chop the trees down and make the road bigger I say, we need a better entrance to the village

    1. Do your research, they are actually narrowing this stretch of road . If you can’t get your facts right then shut up !

      1. Read the article again. When the trees are finally removed a multiple-part retaining wall and pedestrian ramp structure will be erected to enable the widening of Huddersfield Road in readiness for the eventual opening of the new school scheduled for February 2022.

    2. Wonder if it was the same company who chopped a load of mature trees down behind the King Bill in Greenfield. A plan our “wonderful” council greenlit and has now left an eyesore and no new trees or new building development for over a year.

  2. I can’t believe these people, most I assume don’t have school aged children of their own. As a mother of four children two still at Saddleworth school I can’t wait for my kids to be in a school that’s fit for purpose. When will these moaning minnies stop whinging about bats, newts and trees that are barely saplings. Bring on the deforestation of Diggle and let the amazing teachers and kids get on with their education. Can’t wait for a Tesco metro to open in Diggle.
    Alison Buckley

    1. Oh dear , I suspect you are not a person that can be reasoned with, however I will try. No one would argue that children should not have the best possible facilities to enable them to attain their full potential , however the new school is going to ruin the Diggle valley . The school could have been modernised and upgraded on the existing site in Uppermill . Why do you ridicule those that have lived here for many years and care for the beauty and ecology of this area ?

      1. If you had followed the saga of the new school v the old school, from the beginning. You would know that it was not viable to modernise the present school, both financially and on health and safety grounds. So you would rather have a derelict, dangerous building in the middle of the village. Not very pleasing on the eye and I wouldn’t call it beautiful. Pity the residents of the once small village of Delph,Diggle, Dobcross, Uppermill, Greenfield, Grasscroft, Lydgate, Grotton and Springhead. Object to the building of all the houses over the last 40 years of the twentieth century and there would have been no need for the building of the school on the present site, yet alone the planned new one in Diggle. Because there wouldn’t be the population to warrant it. But unfortunately they didn’t, the houses got built and the population exploded. It’s called progress, if you dont like it you can always move to an area you find more pleasing to your tastes.

    2. Why can’t we have the school AND trees, newts, bats etc They aren’t mutually exclusive

    3. Ridiculous logic. And quite vitriolic language regarding your remark about bringing on the “deforestation” of Diggle. I am presuming you yourself do not have a history here. If you don’t like the countryside then go and live in a city.

  3. Wait a minute. It says they’re replacing each old tree with 3 semi-mature trees as part of the new landscaping so this is actually a win for us. And when all those annoying parked cars on Huddersfield Road are moved away it’ll be even better. More trees and less parked cars? Sounds good to me.

    1. Standard forestry commission guidance. Out of 3 trees, one is expected to die, one is expected to be thinned out and one expected to grow to maturity.

  4. The whole “Save the Trees” campaign was spearheaded by those banjo-playing Proud of Oldham and Saddleworth / Recusant Nine conspiracy theorists. No wonder OMBC got the chainsaws out #chopchop

  5. DIggle needs to be knocked down and become a park and ride for the rest of Saddleworth. Wait til you hear about the Young Offenders Institute they’re planning for the old school site in Uppermill.

  6. The local people. Are you lot that come from saddleworth All not rights..had couple of you move in near me .Nowt but trouble causes. Get life .

  7. Absolutely disgusting, we have a major climate issue that’s probably too far gone for us to save the planet now so why chop down more trees, the very thing that keeps us alive.
    The new school will probably be ripped down in a few years to build flats for the unemployed and asylum seekers.

  8. We have no need to be divided on this issue.

    The new school is necessary. Trees are crucial for the well-being of the descendants of the students.

    The school will hopefully plant trees to provide summer shade for the students and some of the students will go on to study ecology and help mankind adapt to our undeniably changing world.

    In the short term can we do our bit for the future by demonstrating to our young people that we can cooperate together in a constructive and amicable way?

  9. Great to see the new school progressing so well. Keep up the good work, Oldham Council. I’m only sorry that the Diggle NIMBYs and usual Saddleworth BANANAs (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything) have held this up for so long. Shame on them.

  10. A lot of comments from people who don’t live in Saddleworth or Diggle, Basically people come to live here because they don’t like the city, then strive to destroy a village and make it into the very thing they came here to get away from, so if you don’t like nature, conservation, or history, traditions, trees, large areas of grass, etc, then don’t come here, stay in the city, enjoy your large wide roads and concrete empires.
    The majority of this community did not want the school here, and those brainwashed into believing the school could not be rebuilt on the original site need to get a grip and realize the commercial reason the school has been moved,
    I believe there are also issues of land ownership with regards to the trees, this land belongs to the people of Diggle, not Oldham council, a council that has forgotten its job is to run the borough, and serve its occupants, not to dictate, sell-off, or turn on the very people they are paid to protect under a democratic society,

    As for progress?? if you consider a short life building that looks like a biscuit tin that has been discarded in a field, progress, then your delusional, perhaps a more in keeping design would have been more acceptable to the village,

    So to be clear, if you don’t like it, then don’t come here to live.

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