Pupils graduate from The Brilliant Club

HARD-WORKING Year 10 students at Saddleworth School are celebrating their graduation from The Brilliant Club national Scholar’s Programme.

The Brilliant Club is a charity which work with schools and universities across the UK to increase the number of pupils progressing to highly-selective universities. They do this by running programmes in schools, where the students are taught by PhD students.

Saddleworth school students

The group of 12 Saddleworth students completed a six-week course on how human geography had an impact of healthcare, run by Jo Dagastun.

They were asked to complete a 2,500-word assignment with proper referencing, which was at the same standard as a piece of university coursework.

Pupils then received marks at the key stage above their current level, and were marked in the style of university grades, gaining a 1st, 2:1, 2:2 or 3rd.

All the students passed the assignment with flying colours, with one pupil – Kalle Breitholtz – being awarded a 1st.

Joe George, who also took part in the course, said he really enjoyed the project as it taught him “to work more independently and find solutions” when he came across challenging ideas or concepts.

Isobel Fletcher, who spoke at the live graduation event with Joe, said: “I enjoyed finding out more about universities and options available to me after school.”

Haili Hughes, the teacher who organised the event, said: “This wonderful group of students showed resilience and dedication, spending their own time after school studying and turning up to the sessions.

“To get the grades they did is not only a massive achievement, it also demonstrates just a glimpse of the wonderful opportunities they could experience in their futures.”

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