Quiz Time with the Diggle and Delph Donkeys

GET YOUR thinking caps on as quiz team The Diggle and Delph Donkeys have once again come up with 20 brainteasers for Saddleworth Independent readers. 

The questions come in two rounds of 10.

The first allows you to show off your knowledge of classical and pop music.

Secondly, well-known sayings. How many do you know?

Best of luck!


  1. A dark 7th day of the  week                                                                                                     
  2. Who composed the Planets Suite
  3. U.S. ragtime composer of ”The Entertainer” 
  4. The deceased are happy
  5. Who composed “The Wedding March”
  6. Caught in the rain three times
  7. Composer of the “Four Seasons
  8. Prehistoric cave dwellers                                                                      
  9. Something a Sergeant Major may do to his new troops
  10. Electrical currents    


  1. Six balls in cricket and unconscious
  2. Water droplets on felines and canines
  3. A clump of water vapour seen in sky between 8 and 10
  4. Your better off not knowing
  5. Board the musical groups buggy
  6. Tom and Jerry
  7. One hundredth of a pound occurring in ones mind
  8. My patience is running out                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  9. Its not complicated
  10. I have no idea     



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