RSPB wade in to remove beauty spot litter

FROM nappies to disposable barbecues, some recent visitors decided not to take home their rubbish after an outing to Dovestone Reservoir.Thanks, however, to the Royal Society for Protection of Birds (RSPB) and a team of volunteers, the popular tourist magnet was restored to its pristine best before another wave of day trippers descended.

The RSPB’s clean-up action included Saddleworth Parish councillors who got stuck into removing large deposits of rubbish.

Working their way round the reservoir, Cllrs Jamie Curley and Max Woodvine, tidied the beaches and main walking trail, plus picnic seating at Ashway Gap.

Cllr Woodvine said: “We filled many bags of rubbish with plastic bottles and packaging, cans, crisp packets, cartons, clothes, nappies and even a disposable barbecue.

“We are fortunate to have this scenery and surroundings. Dovestone should not be closed but visitors and tourists should be considerate and take their rubbish home.

“It was very disappointing to find a barbecue considering the recent fire which has scarred our moorland landscape.”

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