Saddleworth Captured: a look through your lens

AS everyone knows, the weather cannot make its mind up – snow in May anyone?

But one thing that will never be in doubt is Saddleworth’s ability to provide breathtaking photographs.

STAR PHOTO by Debbie Dixon

And once again, you have been out capturing the beauty on camera.

Saddleworth Independent’s Saddleworth Captured section is proving very popular – with so much scenery, it comes as no surprise.

This month, star image – and the £20 prize – goes to Debbie Dixon for catching ‘The Hound of Castleshaw Valley’ on camera with a perfectly placed dog casting a silhouette in front of a scenic sunset.

Jim Weems is used to the colour blue in his role as Oldham Athletic’s club doctor but even on days off, he catches the tones superbly at Chew Reservoir.

It may have seemed like winter but spiring is definitely the time for lambs and Margaret Henshaw’s snap sums up the exciting time.

Nature – particularly birds – also features in shots by Graeme Rothery, who snapped a pheasant in flight, Martin Robinson’s shot of a duckling in Uppermill and Thorsten Babetzki’s brilliant image of an owl.

By Alan Keane

And Wimberry Rocks provide the most scenic of spots for one lone fell runner, caught on camera by Alan Keane.

Man made items also provided great photo opportunities, with Craig Hannah catching the clear up operation at the ‘plughole’ – technically the bellmouth – at Dovestone reservoir.

And at Castleshaw, Angela Tate-Wright snapped a wonderful looking house against the backdrop of a particularly stormy looking sky.

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