Saddleworth pool teams celebrate successful season on presentation night

THE SADDLEWORTH Charity Pool League’s presentation night was a chance to reflect on another successful season.

Shepherd’s Boy were the first division winners with their side comprising Denis Mortin, Pete Hutchinson, Craig Warhurst, Adam Young, Paul Barnes, Steve Warhurst and Andy Young.

Springhead Liberal A were second division champions with their side Mick Wrigley, Jake Deardon, Pete Jones, Martin Gee, John Lewis, Chris Morris and Martin Main.

Granby Arms lifted the team knockout cup and their line-up was Andy Dearnley, Dylan Hey, Terry Hey, Jamie Hardie, Mark Choi, Ben Willis, Farah Buta and Greg Cookson while Alfie Hey was the team mascot.

Second chance cup winners Blazing Rag’s team was John Cichowicz, Jake Caudell, Sasha Whitley, Tony Mirdad, Chris Kinder, Craig Harper, Michael Dobson, Neil Goode, Gavin Porritt, Gordon Sutherland and Gordon Buckley.

Individual winners were Paul Barnes, Shepherd’s Boy who captured the division one merit while the division two merit went to Mel Jackson, from Woodbrook Spinners.


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