Saddleworth School to push for academy status

SADDLEWORTH School hopes to become an academy and join an educational trust which operates others across Oldham.

The Diggle establishment has announced it is looking to join the Cranmer Education Trust, which also has Blue Coat and Brian Clarke CE Academy in the town centre, East Crompton St George’s Primary and Derker’s Mayfield Primary.

Headteacher Mike Anderson insisted the decision ‘has only been reached after careful consideration and thorough research.’

A working party was appointed by governors to meet with representatives from several local academies and multi-academy trusts.

But going with Cranmer, which will The Radclyffe School and St Matthew’s Primary in Chadderton coming on board for 2025, is ‘the best decision.’

Now a process that could take up to 18 months and will include a public consultation will begin.

Already, a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section has been placed on the school’s website so students, staff, parents, carers and its wider community have all the information they need.

Mr Anderson said: “The Governors at Saddleworth have been exploring the potential benefits and opportunities that becoming an academy and joining a multi-academy trust could bring to our school for over 12 months.

“Governors chose The Cranmer Education Trust because they feel it is the best fit for Saddleworth as a well-respected local multi-academy trust with lots of experience and expertise in the secondary sector.

“It’s also a trust with whom we already have strong relationships and existing links with.

“We already work together on teacher training and development, becoming a member of the Trust would strengthen this further.

“We want to ensure that our students and staff get the very best opportunities while learning and working at Saddleworth School.

“The trustees at Cranmer are local people who are committed to improving the outcomes and experience of young people in Oldham.

“They share our values of striving for the very best for young people and developing school communities which enable all students to thrive and flourish.

“That’s why we feel Cranmer is the right choice for Saddleworth’s future.

“The full process of academy conversion can take 12-18 months, during which we will hold a full public consultation with all stakeholders and are keen that everyone has the opportunity to take part.”


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