Son drives mum to happiness with birthday treat

A SADDLEWORTH-RAISED son ended up driving his mother to happiness with a specially-organised treat for her birthday.

Mind you, Sue Jagger’s neighbours would have certainly known about it too was dozens of cars drove past her home and beeped their horns.

The former Grotton resident reached 60 as the country was in lockdown because of the coronavirus outbreak.

But after seeing her battle her own health problems that saw her in hospital for almost three months, sons Patrick and Tom came up with a way of seeing people she loves on her big day.

It also caused a stir as a queue of cars ended up parading past her home in Mossley.

“Mum was in Manchester Royal Infirmary from December 27 until March 12 because she had problems with her gallbladder,” said 32-year-old Patrick.

“She ended up on the intensive care unit for two weeks

“Basically the options were removing it, but there was no guarantee she would’ve pulled through the operation, or working around it, which they did and she came through.

“However, it was an important birthday for mum. One of her friends, Pam Campbell, organised for all of her friends and family to record video messages which were collated into a montage – just a 30 second birthday wish really.

“But she also told me, ‘I’ve had an idea for everyone to drive past her house on her birthday’.”

The notion went around and proved popular, so on Wednesday, May 20, a parade of vehicles – including a Ferrari – went past Sue’s home.

It proved extra special as she was shielding at the time and even seeing other people had been minimal.

“In the end, there were between 15 and 20 cars that toom part,” added Patrick. “All of her friends and family did it.

“And it did make a racket, we even had to give her neighbours a warning that it was going to happen so they weren’t shocked!

“We all decorated our vehicle and beeped as we went past. Although, my mum lives on a steep street, I’m not overly sure the driver of the Ferrari was aware of that!

“But mum absolutely loved it, she was completely overwhelmed and surprised.

“I think she was expecting a quiet birthday with maybe a couple of people going to her gate – but seeing a lot of old friends driving past, she was completely blown away.”

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