Spray paint vandals warned of trespass risks

GRAFFITI vandals are risking injury and possibly worse in pursuit of their ‘art.’

That’s the warning to trespassers onto United Utilities (UU) land in Greenfield.

Staff are now working to improve perimeter fencing at the wastewater treatment works site bordered by the River Tame and Huddersfield Narrow Canal.

A number of large concrete structures on the have been targeted by intruders with spray cans.

Sections of fencing are often vandalised to gain entry.

The Independent recently reported one badly damaged stretch of fencing to UU which has now been repaired.

A company spokesperson said: “Our operational sites can be dangerous places.

“There are numerous tanks with deep water and moving machinery and we would urge people to keep out and not to risk their safety.”

In 2013 a worker suffered a broken leg after falling down a 25ft shaft at a sewage plant.

“The site has been having problems with graffiti and damaged fencing since lockdown started” added the spokesperson.

“Our team on site have removed graffiti on several occasions and carried out various temporary repairs to the fencing.

“We are now planning to replace sections of the fence to make the site more secure.”

Graffiti isn’t confined to the village serving wastewater plant. Towpath users are asked to be vigilant as canal bridges have been randomly tagged by vandals.

UU workers have also been involved in a ‘clean’ project of a different kind.

A 250kW solar (panel) array was commissioned in February and is now used to power the site.

“It’s one of 69 solar arrays we have at various sites across the North West,” said the spokesperson.

“Last year we generated enough solar energy to supply more than 12,000 homes, though the power was all used on our sites.

“It’s part of United Utilities’ overall strategy to use less energy, use it smarter and generate more of our own renewable energy on site. By 2030 we are aiming to be carbon neutral.”

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