Stockport Grammar: inspiring learning in school and at home

DURING the second half of the Summer Term, Stockport Grammar School was delighted to welcome Pre-Reception, Reception, Year 1, Year 5 and Year 6 pupils back to school.

Senior School Year 10 and Lower Sixth also enjoyed sessions in school to supplement the programme of remote learning that continued for other year groups.

SGS teachers used the latest technology to provide engaging and inspiring remote lessons. The Summer Term ended with a host of exciting virtual experiences from sports days to musical performances to careers days.

In place of the usual Senior School Inter-House Athletics events and the Junior School Sports Day, the PE and Sports Department held an online Sports Day.

The pupils responded magnificently with more than 3,600 entries for the 10 challenges that included Wall Ball, Fast Feet and Pole To Pole as well as old favourites such as the High Jump and the Egg and Spoon race.

Year 8 and 9 pupils enjoyed inspiring virtual careers days to explore a variety of industries and the pathways to join them.

Forty guest speakers, representing a wide range of careers including media, medical, legal and business gave in-depth insights into their career paths, with many Old Stopfordians presenting their journey after leaving SGS.

The careers day is an important step for pupils considering their GCSE options with speakers offering information about the qualifications and experiences they needed to reach their career goals.

SGS provides exceptional musical opportunities for every child and this has continued while pupils have been learning at home.

Musicians from the Senior and Junior Schools demonstrated their talent – both vocally and on instruments – in videos that have been warmly received on the school’s social media feeds.

SGS ended the term with a fantastic performance from Year 11 Oscar Williams playing a virtual version of ‘Summertime’ during Senior School Headmaster Dr Paul Owens’ final assembly of the school year.

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