Troubled Delph bridge means longer journey over water

MOTORISTS in Saddleworth face a long diversion route as a bridge over a river will be closed.

People will not be able to travel along the whole of Delph’s High Street because of work on the structure, starting from Tuesday, November 28.

A collapsed gully and subsequent carriageway subsidence has forced the urgent works at the side of number 10 on High Street.

Access will still be possible to High Street from the A62 side as the four-day scheme is carried out.

But people living on the other side of the water face a tricky route to get over.

For because of the nature of roads around the location, a diversion route that will take drivers almost to and from Oldham town centre, along the A62, then along the A672 to and from Denshaw will be put in place.

That means anyone looking to get from one side of the River Tame to the other, it will be a car journey of some seven miles.

That will not be the only roadworks affecting Saddleworth after Tarmac won the bid to carry out forthcoming resurfacing work on the A62 and Wall Hill Road, which links Dobcross and Scouthead.


3 Replies to “Troubled Delph bridge means longer journey over water”

  1. From your map, it seems as though they will be diverting traffic up Hill End Road, narrow single track road with blind bends and np pavement. As it is signposted as a 30mph road, it gives a suggestion to drivers in the otherwise 20mph area, that it is a primary route. Wonder if the Councillors and Highway Department have thought through this situation.

  2. Hi, there will be signs saying no access through Hill End Road and Rumbles Lane, saying single track road, access for residents only and various signs throughout the village and it’s approach. We will deal with any issues that may arise as the works progress. This work is essential to investigate a subsidence and a defective gully.

  3. There will not be a single local driver following the official diversion. Let’s just hope they haven’t awarded the contract to Rowan Ashworth or there’s a danger of a similar farce as to that on Oldham Way.

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