TV date for Saddleworth Rangers as development work pays off

SADDLEWORTH Rangers will become online stars as their Challenge Cup trip to Edinburgh will be shown to the nation.

Heralded as breaking new ground, the Greenfield-based club’s tie north of the border will be streamed on the BBC Sport website on Saturday, February 11, kicking off at 1.15pm.

It will be the first time the broadcaster will have shown a tie from Scotland since the unique coverage of the early rounds of the Challenge Cup was launched seven seasons ago.

Saddleworth Rangers ground

And after a 64-0 loss to Rochdale’s Mayfield in the semi-final of the Standard Cup, they are keen to get back on track ahead of this year’s National Conference League season.

Underneath first team level, Rangers have made a giant stride in youth development after a school in Tameside played its first ever match.

Mossley Hollins faced Saddleworth School in a Year Seven game on Monday, January 30 after two years of hard work out in by Darren Grafton from the club’s youth section, along with others.

That has seen volunteers involved in promoting the sport and giving coaching services to local schools, including Mossley Hollins, Bluecoat and the new academy associated with them, along with Littlemoor Primary School.

Saddleworth came out on top by six tries to one but just seeing the new school take part was enough.

Mossley Hollins’ kit even had a continental feel as Lars Haigh supplied in from Norway Rugby League.

Ian Wolstenhulme, from Saddleworth Rangers, said: “All the kids had a great time and put on a good show of rugby, played in the right spirit.

“With input from Peter Townsend and hours of free time given up by Darren, two years of commitment from the school and the boys and girls has come to fruition.”

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