Uppermill pub closed for continually flouting COVID-19 rules

An UPPERMILL pub has been closed by Oldham Council for continually breaching Coronavirus restrictions.

Granby Arms on Uppermill High Street

The Granby Arms will stay shut until at least September 4.

It comes after Oldham Council used new powers given to local authorities aimed at helping to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Since lockdown started in March licensing officers and colleagues from Greater Manchester Police have witnessed and received a number of reports about the High Street pub.

These include: people drinking inside when all licensed premises were legally closed by the government; repeated incidents of the premises being over capacity and no social distancing in place; more than 100 youths drinking outside the pub.

The authorities have also made repeated efforts to work and engage with the licensee, but these have been ignored.

Councillor Barbara Brownridge, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Culture said: “This closure shows we will not hesitate to take action against venues which flout regulations designed to stop the spread of coronavirus and protect residents.

“This hasn’t been an easy decision to take as pubs have only just reopened. Our hospitality industry is important and we want to see it prosper – but not at the expense of risking public health.

“The vast majority of our licensees are responsible and are adhering to the restrictions. But if venues ignore their responsibilities, we will take action.”

Councillor Arooj Shah, Deputy Leader of Oldham Council and Cabinet Member for COVID-19 Response, said: “We all need to play our part to bring down the Coronavirus rate and this means we all have to follow safe practices and observe social distancing.

“We are seeing positive cases across the borough and it’s vital that licensed venues, and indeed their customers, do all they can to minimise the risk of spread.

“We cannot afford to be lax and hopefully this closure will be a timely reminder.”

As part of the efforts to make sure businesses are sticking to the rules enforcement/council officers will be making unannounced visits to premises.

5 Replies to “Uppermill pub closed for continually flouting COVID-19 rules”

  1. What a joke the Granby Arms is probably 1 of the most safest pub in uppermill lots off hand sanitizer and ask to sign in as well as having screen up and offering table service unlike many other pub I could mention

  2. Hello i have some issues with this story. This only seems to cover half of the story. I’m just intrigued as to when you will be finishing it.
    This report for a start is biased and an unfair portreyal. With absolutely no respect shown to a long standing Uppermill highstreet business . I know for a fact if you could be bothered to talk to the licensee you will be met by a very stressed lady, pushed to her limits. Tired out due to the lack of sleep she’s been recieving of late. Caused by the immense stress, pressure and the ever present eyes of not just local authorities but the community around her that no matter how hard she tries she can do nothing to please . While other pubs are packed for football games both inside and out and with far less social distancing measures in place. Kicking people out and sending them to the Granby if and let it be the Granbys problem. using the granby and attempting to give it a bad name. I recommend you look into this and report both sides of this story. If your a journalist worth your salt of course. I challenge you go down and listen to her side of the story and the ridiculous struggle , and endless uphill battle she has been through over the past few weeks. Doing all she can to keep her doors open and to keep social distancing measures in place . For what? Closure of her pub and Saddleworth itself seeming to turn its back on her. While you laugh as you bang the last nail in to the coffin. the community should be coming together to help businesses like this thrive and continue to thrive.

    Frank Williams
    Uppermill resident

  3. This pub is one of the best around the person who runs this place doesn’t deserve to be treated like this . But yet all the other place in upper mill are aloud to remain open it’s a total joke
    The land lady is so nice to all the customers she the most respected person I know an hope she gets her justice from this sad event

  4. This is a complete travesty. As a regular customer of The Granby, I would trust Debee, Jamie and their staff with my life. As soon as re-opening was allowed, they put into place all the necessary measures to keep their customers safe. Now they’re being expected to carry the can for groups of drunken youths gathering outside after other establishments had kicked them out. The Granby didn’t even allow them in, but the bottom of the village has always been the congregating point for such people. I’m not a subscriber to conspiracy theories, but I suspect someone could be trying to sabotage the business.

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