We will rock you Stones project on a roll at Dovestone

YOU don’t normally need to look far for rocks and stones surrounding Dovestone reservoir and Chew valley.

But visitors will definitely need to play hide and seek for a new colourful collection of stones that have found a home in the hills.

And the creators of Dovestone Rocks are encouraging more people to become involved in making as well as finding the collection of painted objects at the popular beauty spot.

Olivia, Xander, Azaria and abriella

Katie Dyson and partner Linzie Sharpe are two of the instigators of the initiative ironically living a stones’ throw from where they friends and keen youngsters have laid the groundwork for the project.

Katie who moved to Greenfield from Mossley told the Independent: “We have already dropped around 200 so far.

“The aim is to spread some joy in the community and to get more people involved.

“I am a meditation teacher and reiki master and it is all about promoting well-being.

“During lockdown I started painting a few rocks to keep the spirits up for children especially those with autism as we have a child with a disability.

“Then we thought ‘let’s bring it to all kids’ So we want them to paint rocks and hide them round Dovestone for other people to discover.

“If they find one they can either take it home or re-hide it. They can also post pictures on our Facebook site, Dovestone Rocks.”

Every couple of weeks Kirsty will introduce a new theme to inspire the budding painters; a hunt in progress monster themed stones has just finished with a garden theme search due to start shortly.

Katie and Linzie who live with five of their six children at Hey Top are joined in the project by Carla Bramall and Rachel Farrington.

“All the children are into the rocks and we want to open up the idea to able bodied youngsters as well as kids with disabilities,” added Katie.

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  1. I saw one of these stones months ago at Dovestones on the path between 2 of the reservoirs. It certainly made me smile but I left it there.

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