Will Salad be top of your Wish list? New album is golden chance for local band

THERE IS a good serving of Salad to be had coming out of lockdown and plenty of it is homegrown.

With a new single released last month and debut album scheduled for a September 25 arrival, Heavy Salad days are definitely upon the music scene.

The band has strong Saddleworth roots with guitarist Rob Glennie based in Greenfield and the video for The Wish-the latest 45 offering-filmed in woods above Dovestone Reservoir.

Heavy Salad

The recording, however, was partly produced in Sheffield by Ross Orton, a man whose talents have previously been used, among others, by the Arctic Monkeys.

Formed 18 months ago, Heavy Salad, described as “combining a natural penchant for oddball melodies with a shared passion for the psych pop and acid rock, is predominantly a three piece.

But Rob, drummer Allan Hutchison and singer/bassist Lee Mann are often backed by singers, Ally McBoo, Lucy Hope, Esther Maylor and Oscar Remers.

And these are exciting times for the band hopeful their productivity and hard work prior to the peak of the coronavirus pandemic – even securing a deal with Paul Riddlesworth’s Dipped in Gold Recordings – will be rewarded later in the year and into 2022.

“The weekend before Covid kicked in Paul came down to see us,” Rob told the Independent. “Then lockdown happened and we didn’t hear anything for two weeks

“We thought that had gone until lockdown ended but Paul said we really want to sign us.

“We were lucky we got everything done and had a record to deliver otherwise we would have still been waiting to finish this record. We got it over the line before the world ended.”

The record in question is the 10-track album, Cult Casual, which according to an accompanying press release, “explores the idea of finding your own reality in the modern world.”

It continues: “Beginning with ‘Death’, the album takes the listener backwards through the very experiences of existence. Imagining after-life experiences to apocalyptic visions of the future, via hallucinogenic nights plagued with polar bears and conversations with the AI in your phone, it’s quite literally the journey of a lifetime.”

A planned UK tour, however, to promote, Cult Casual, has been cancelled along with an appearance at the fabled South by Southwest festival in Texas.

Rob added: “It’s a shame we can’t be out on the road. We were selling out venues towards before lockdown.

“We were looking forward to getting out to the big venues. Let’s hope they are still running and in exitance when we emerge from lockdown.”

Heavy Salad would also love to celebrate Cult Casual’s release with a Saddleworth appearance.
“It would be great to play the Railway in Greenfield, especially because Alison, one of our backing singers, works there,” said Rob.

“We are good buddies with the Maitlands (Rob deputised for one of the band during their Cotton Clouds appearance last year) so maybe we could get them down too and have a big party.”

The Wish described as “a passionate anthem for uncertain times” is available through usual streaming channels but will be soon available in Translucent orange vinyl as well as CD.

To listen visit: https://tinyurl.com/y6nbhkzh

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